4 recordings, none full

Set up 4th gen Tablo with their antenna. Recorded the news and worked fine. Recorded a show later for 2 hours. Received 4 different recordings with various time but never the whole show so missed it all. What’s the issue on this? Tablo on Ethernet and signals seem to be coming in fin.

It could have been signal problems. You can have good signals most of the time, but due to the repack, stations on the same frequency are close together, and certain atmospheric conditions can cause those further stations to come in strong enough to cause interference with local ones. It can sometime list just a few minutes, or hours.It’s most common starting in the evening and into the morning.

Was the recording(s) from a FAST channel. If so that is more common then you might think.

Well evening is when all the shows are on so that could defeat the purpose.

Not sure what FAST is? Recorded ABC.

FAST = free ad-supported streaming television

I’m recording a half hour show currently, two episodes one at 1pm the other at 1:30pm. Last week I got six good recordings (3 days) then two of the days they failed due to weak signals. Yesterday (Monday) it was a nice day but very windy which probably caused multi-path interference. One of the episodes I got a four minute recording and the other had 3 failed recordings and one 20 minute recording. I’m not going to say this is common as most recordings do succeed. But there are times, mostly in summer and early fall, where the weather can cause all kinds of problems with certain channels. And typically on days where the weather is nice and/or windy. Today started out stormy but by recording time it cleared out. Got two good recordings. It can be frustrating but there’s really nothing I can do. I have two very good antennas on the roof that perform masterfully in late fall, winter and early spring. Then later in spring is when the fun begins.

Thanks all, I can’t deal with this. Just going to return it and figure something else out.

Just to clarify something. During the same times I’m getting failed recordings with Tablo, my most powerful TV tuner (A Vizio) has the same problems with reception. In other words I don’t see any big difference in reception performance between my main TV and the Tablo tuners. I spent a good amount of time testing this years ago on days where reception was challenging.

Personally the occasional failed recordings will not make me want to get rid of Tablo. And out of the 75 channels I receive it’s only a couple of them that are the problem children. Most of the other channels don’t fail at all or very rarely fail.

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