4.4.2 android phone won't connect to Tablo

@tablosupport I just switched internet providers and my Samsung GS4 does not see Tablo. I’m connected to wifi on phone just fine. I’m typing this on iPad connected via wifi and watching TV via Roku. I removed and reinstalled the app but no luck. Any idea what might be wrong?

One quick thing to try it to reboot your router.  Whenever I just have one device that can’t see the Tablo, a router reboot fixes it (at least for me).

Did you set up port forwarding on your new router? (assuming you are trying to use Tablo Connect)

@snowcat Thanks that did it!

@TechNerd Not yet. Working on that now. Arris R6300v2 and of course it’s completely different looking than the previous router. Hoping it goes smooth!

Glad to hear it.  I have no idea why this happens though or why a router reboot cleans up the problem for a while.

Just got my port forwarding set up. Easy enough. Had to restart the Tablo app on the phone to get it to connect as well but whatever restart/reboot does it works.