.30 update messes up the guide behavior

Just ran the update and the guide cursor keeps jumping to the top listed channel. Won’t stay on a channel line when trying to select a live show to watch.

What streaming device are you using?

You might want to close the Tablo app and reopen it. If that doesn’t resolve your problem, try deinstalling and reinstalling the app.

Apple TV

Ok. Only occurs with atv app. Mobile app works normally. Tried bumping my atv to the tvOS beta 14. No change in behavior. Deleted the atv Tablo app and reinstalled. No change. Tablo live tv with my atv is pretty much unusable.

Have you tried rebooting both your router and then Tablo?

Any chance you can take a brief video and send it to our support team? Just to confirm, have you rebooted the Apple TV? We’ve seen occasional glitches like this happen with the remote, and they’re usually fixed by a power cycle.