30 day Trial Version

Is the TV guide refreshed more than 24 hours in advance in the 30 day trial version

Whether you have a trial, an active subscription, or no subscription, you’ll always only see 24 hours of data in the live TV grid.

With a trial or active subscription, the remaining 13 days of data can be found in the guide sections.


My selections for tv shows, movies, sports, etc are grayed out. When I click on them nothing happens. Why not?

When did you purchase your Tablo? You’ll receive an automatic 30 day trial upon setup but it will expire.

If you purchase your Tablo 2nd hand, the automatic trial will likely have already been used.

You can check your current subscription status in your settings screen.

I purchased my tablo August 28, 2018 from Amazon. Box had not been opened.

Very odd!

Can you please touch base with our support team so we can look into this? www.tablotv.com/ask-tablo

Make sure to provide the MAC address (found on the bottom of your unit) when you contact them.

We’ll make sure you get your free trial!