3-5 GB Hard Drive for My Tablo

I’m currently using WD Elements 1TB and it seems to work well. I would like to get a hard drive with 3-5 TB of space on it but it seems like WD elements only goes up to 2TB (or does it?). Any recommendations?

WD EasyStore 8 GB works for me.

Look for it on sale somewhere.

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Wow, I can’t imagine how many TV shows you could save to an 8TB drive!

I have a 2TB WD drive that I have stored every episode of the Big Bang Theory, along with every episode of The Walking Dead (first five seasons have gone to syndication), along with lots and lots of various TV shows and movies that I haven’t got around to watching. My 2TB WD drive is about 50% full (and I always records at 10Mbps).

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I regret not getting a bigger drive, mate. I switched to a 3 tb drive a year ago and it is almost always full, and I dropped the recording level down to the 3 mbpbs so the shows would take less space.

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It’s been 56 years since the chairman of the FCC called television a vast wasteland. Content is no better now and we still want to collect hundreds of hours of it.

I can hardly wait until an advanced alien culture arrives and observes this habit. We’ll probably end up on their menu.

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Thank you all for your help. I have a 1TB drive and it’s about 70% full at this point and I’m trying really hard not to hit 100%. I have the equivalent of 12 shows on there. Also, my roommate just recently decided that would like to use the Tablo too and he’s probably going to record more shows than I do.

What hard drive did u get?

Is WD Easystore supported? I thought only Elements was compatible with the Tablo.

Check out the ‘vast wasteland’ of Twilight Zone - particularly the episode “To Serve Man”

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All I know is the WD EasyStore is working fine with my Tablo four tuner. Right now it is about half full ( or half empty - you decide) and has not given me any problems . I record at the next-to-highest quality setting.

I think all the disks work now, mate.

Sorry mate, forgot you asked me a question. The Tablo says I have a WD Passport 3001 GB.

EasyStore on sale.


Today’s bestbuy deal of the day.

WD - Elements Portable 3TB External USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive - black $90