2nd USB port what is purpose

2nd USB port on the Tablo, what is purpose?? Can I add a second hard drive? Is there away to transfer my recordings?

No you can’t add a second drive. Yes, there are ways to transfer recordings from an old drive to a newer one, but they require a fair amount of technical expertise. Not for the average consumer.

It’s decorative.

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I think some people use it to power a laptop cooling stand to help cool down the Tablo.

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That is what I use it for… cooling pad…

Keep in mind adding load to the second USB port increases the load on the power supply. Those power supplies shipped with the Tablo have been known to fail, so I suggest purchase of a backup unit. All things considered, they are inexpensive and are good insurance. Scan the posts for discussions on this subject.

Everyone needs a home. I think of the 2nd USB port as a place where dust bunnies live.