2nd TV to be installed in another Bedroom

At the moment I have Tablo connected by cable to frontier modem that is also wireless if required. I wish to put another TV in bedroom about 50 ft away. I will be using roku and another Amazon fire stick. Do I have to get another arial, ? do I have to disconnect ethernet and go completely wireless.? I do have a TP-Link AC-150 router which I am not using, can I link this into the modem with a cable and use this, will it be better. Thanks for any advice, I am just getting used to my new Tablo and it is working well.

One of the great things about the Tablo is that it will work on any streaming device in your home. So you can just keep your current setup and add the Roku or Firestick to your new TV. Then add the Tablo app to the device and find your Tablo.

It is recommended that the Tablo itself be connected directly to your network, but it is perfectly fine to have a bunch of wireless clients. All three of my Roku devices are connected wirelessly, and they work great at full 10mps quality.

The only thing to keep in mind, if there is not an antenna on the second TV, is that the only “over the air” channels you will get are through the Tablo. But that is why I like Tablo, I can have one antenna connection and then place as many TVs as I want, anywhere I want, without consideration for antenna wiring. While ethernet is best, most of the time wireless will work for these extra TVs. The main thing would be for the Tablo to be connected to the network by ethernet. Hope this helps . . .

Some things with fast action don’t do to well watching on Tablo. For game Supermarket Sweep during the final sweep it was acting up and I switched to watch directly on TV. Same thing might happen watching sports live.