2nd TV reception

Hello…This is my first post so bare with me…I have a 4 tuner Tablo. In stalled it about a month ago. I am streaming with Roku. My quest is that I installed another Roku on 2nd tv and have a Tablo app. This is my wife’s tv. Everything works fine on the 2nd tv using Tablo until I turn off my main TV. Then it tells my wife’s TV the channels are weak and stations goes in and out. Is it because tuners shut off or what. I don’t know what to do…

How is your antenna wired to the Tablo and the 2 TVs? Are the TVs connected to the antenna at all?

What’s your network setup? Wifi everywhere? It’s best if you can hardwire the Tablo to the router, even if you’re using Wifi for the Rokus.

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Yes please tell us how your Tablo is connected to the antenna, and your router.

The coaxial cable from the OTA antenna should run directly into the Tablo, not connected to the TV first or anything.

As well, what kind of antenna do you have? Is it powered?

My main TV has a Mohu 50 leaf antenna directly to the Tablo as instructed. My 2nd TV gets its antenna feed the first TV while tv is on.
After reading several discussion I found that if you turn off main tv with the Tablo the hard drive oes to sleep. What I found that if I leave Roku on and let it go to screen saver the 2nd TV works perfectly…

Please explain this. How do you get an antenna feed from another TV?

The Tablo doesn’t know if the TV is on or not. That’s certainly not the issue.

Do you have one Roku that you’re somehow trying to share between two TVs? You should have one for each. Or some other streaming box. Or Smart TVs that can run the Tablo app.

You can setup and run the Tablo without an TVs, so I’m not sure why this is part of the setup. As in you can watch on smartphones, tablets and computers without a TV.

Is your Mohu Leaf 50 powered by the TV? The Mohu Leaf 50 has an amplifier which is powered by a USB cable. Do not plug the USB cable into your TV or your Tablo. Plug it into the power block provided with the Mohu Leaf 50, and plug the USB cable into a dedicated electrical outlet.

I followed your assessment by plugging usb into electric outlet. I shut off main tv and the tv workef perfectly. …Thank you so very much for your guidance. …Gary

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