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ZENDESK…That’s where my response came from. It is an answering service. that’s all. If you get an emal from ZENDESK, it is not from TABLO.

I’m sure they’re just really busy because of the 2.2.2 firmware disaster. I’ve been in touch with them via zendesk this week.

@kitesurfer -

Just wanted to clear a few things up.

Zendesk is the software that we use to manage our support queue. It’s used by tons of big companies and lets us catalog requests and see your history so we can get things solved more quickly. It is NOT an automated response.

I can assure you that we have real people working on our support team. If I throw something over my cube wall I’d hit them with it.

We do strive to respond to all tickets within 24 business hours but our queue has been a bit longer over the last week or so.

Unfortunately, the 24 hour turnaround does mean that your ticket will be solved within 24 hours as some back & forth may be required to secure additional information. For example, I’m told the team was waiting for you to provide a phone number so we can speak to you in person. It sounds like we have that now so we’ll be calling this morning.

Hopefully we can get this wrapped up for you today so you can enjoy your Tablo this weekend.


With all the ill-considered hyperbole I read in this community, I think TabloTV Support continues to demonstrate the patience of Job - always even-keeled, always moving forward to try to solve problems. It is appreciated.


i p;rovided my phone number monday…and a couple times since. this will be the 4th day that i’ve sat by my phone and tv.

jdoe, yours must be working. i’ll sing high praises when this thing is working.

Appreciated here too!

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I would hardly call 2.2.2 a disaster. It’s been working perfectly for me, and I love the latest preview Roku app. I’ve had Tablo for over 3 months now, and other than some networking issues initially, which have since been resolved, I’ve not had any issues. Because I’ve gotten past my startup problems, and have seen what can go wrong, I strongly suspect that many of the problems being experienced, though not all, are network and/or antenna related. I also suspect that Tablo, with the new 2.2.2 firmware, is working for the vast majority of Tablo users, with problems being experienced by a small percentage of the user base. From what I’ve seen, the support staff at Nuvyyo is very capable and anxious to help users resolve their issues, whether they’re Tablo related or not. Just my $.02, FWIW.


@lkahhan, I echo your comments. Have had my 2-tuner Tablo for well over a year now, and it just works. Not trying to say that I never have a problem or glitch, but no problems with the last few firmware updates. I use my Tablo as a DVR to time shift my viewing (via my Roku2 XS); don’t do any remote access or use the Live TV feature.

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I feel for the guys who are having issues, I really do. But I’ve actually noticed a couple of improvements with 2.2.2 Some of the sub-channels broadcasting in 480i used to have a distorted aspect ratio (appearing narrower than normal) and I haven’t seen that since the upgrade. Also, thumbnail conversions seem to be better, tho I still occasionally see a program here and there with no thumbnails to aid in commercial skipping. But when that happens, I estimate that commercial breaks last about 3 minutes on average, and simply advance through that amount of time, tweaking as necessary. With the start of the new season this week, I’m recording a lot of new and returning shows. Tablo (knocking on wood) has performed flawlessly. Tablo completely changed the way I watch TV. Supplemented by a couple of OTT streaming services, I build a backlog of OTA shows, and watch them when I have time now, instead of watching them live, except for one or two. When I had DirecTV with network feeds, I could watch shows 3 hours earlier, so my prime time began at 5PM. Now, prime time starts at 8PM, so no more watching and finishing early for me.


Am I supposed to be able to log into Zendesk somehow to see my tickets, or am I only supposed to/allowed to use email?

I’m envious of you guys w/ working Tablo’s, and I agree that they’re support staff is eager to help, they’re just not bringing effective solutions to the table. I think there are a lot of new faces on the forums b/c 2.2.2 broke a lot of features for a lot of people. I, for example, wouldn’t be here if my Tablo was working, I’d be watching TV. :wink:

I hope they will get you up and running soon - I take it you have submitted a ticket. As for “effective solutions,” I suppose it depends on your perspective. Here is what one member of the community posted in the last hour:

dAVID from Tablo just called and had my tablo working in less than an hour. i am so happy now that i can see who won Americas got talent :smile: and my wife can watch 36 episodes of Ellen…and NASHVILLE…I’M ecstatic! thatnks David!”

Hopefully, your “2.2.2 firmware disaster” (as you so colorfully phrased it) will be over soon.

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I am pretty happy with Tablo support (although I would be happier if I had never had a problem). My Tablo turned into an absolute brick on Sunday, so I filed a ticket. David (from Tablo support) sent me an email Monday afternoon with something to try. That solution didn’t work, David tried something else on Tuesday morning. Problem solved, didn’t lose a single recording. I think that is pretty good support . . .


Glad to hear you’re back up and running.