2019 Fire HD 10 tablet

I got my new Fire HD 10 and I don’t find a Tablo aoo that will install on it. I tried my.tablotv.com and it almost works. The picture shows, but no sound. I tried turning surround sound off in the settings to see if that would make a difference, but it doesn’t. www.frndlytv.com plays fine and so does the live streaming using silk browser on www.lighttv.com. It’s only the Tablo web app that doesn’t have sound.

UPDATE: Got it to work using Silk

When you say:

Do you mean you can’t find the app in Amazon’s App Store?

Or do you mean you can find it, but it won’t install.

It’s definitely in their app store: https://smile.amazon.com/Nuvyyo-Tablo/dp/B00NTD3XFE/

The app is there but says not compatable.

UPDATE: Works using Silk browser

Glad it’s wirking for you. On my Fire HD, I have Google play installed (takes a few hacks to get it on there), and the Tablo app from the Google Play store wirks fine.

Might have to install Google so OTA2GO will work since it is an in app upgrade to full version

How do you install Google Play?

It’s not for the faint of heart - you need to proceed very carefully. Full instructions are here:

Be sure to install each of the modules latest versions.

The Fire TV devices are supported by Tablo, but the Fire tablets aren’t officially supported?

That’s correct. The web version works using silk and after installing Google Play 4 files, both Tablo and OTA2GO work!

Thanks! Both the Tablo app and OTA2GO work!

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Glad to hear you got Google Play installed. Many more apps available to you now.

NEWSON doesn’t work. It says your request cannot go through now. Try later.

What’s NEWSON?

LOCAL NEWS from lots of tv stations. defaults to local location and that might be why it desn’t work since the tablet only uses wifi for location. Try it on a supported device. You can watch local reports of events going on in other locations (California fires, huricanes, etc.)


www.watchnewson.com works from computer

Well ty so much for this info! I didn’t know it would work on a fire!

Curious - did you try space saver download? I’d sort of expect it to fail. But my kids will get fire hd kids editions this Xmas, so maybe I can sneak access to one and try :wink:

Did not try space saver. You will need to add Google playstore to tablets

NEWSON doesn’t work.

I did install 256 GB sd card. It supports 512 GB but price hasn’t fallen