2 year tablo review

As a retired IT professional I was early to the “Cord cutting” scene and experimented with Apple Tv and i am now running Raspberry pI2 with Kodi on board running openelec OS to one TV hdmi input… I also have another TV hdmi input dedicated for a roku 3 with Tablo interface. This layout is installed replicated for both upstairs and downstairs media centers in my house. on my router for my music files and video collection I also have a NAS (Network accessible storage) external hard drive on my router I run VPN on some devices
I have setup, over the last two years, 5 similiar media centers with similiar equipment for my family members. All connectivity is cat 5 Ethernet as I personally detest wifi for audio and streaming. ( too much buffering)
Tablo PROS…
The tablo channel GUI on the Roku is smart, efficient and very very senior friendly.( important if you have a family member who previously used the Rogers PVR system)… compared to the steeper user curve required for kodi raspberry pi2 solution which is more detailed but which more than adequately captures the same programming without antenna as the tablo solution with antenna
With the tablo you use no bandwidth and are not adding to your monthly internet data cap. This is a consideration if you intend to maximize your recordings with the tablo unit and playback at your leisure.
The picture clarity of the recordings is excellent. Some hangs on playback but not a big negative

Tablo CONS:
The cost of the EPG to canadians is excessive 69.00 annually. Surprising given that this is a canadian company. While i understand the company need to generate a downstream revenue model the EPG will force many of us to reconsider paying for an EPG as their are no fee alternatives.
I was automatically billed for a second annual subscription without a reminder notice or even a courtesy reminder that i may be interested in purchasing the life EPG plan. I believe this was a missed opportunity by TABLI inc. I may have considered opting for the life EPG. “Fool me once shame on you Fool me twice shame on me”
RECORDING Scheduling conflicts:
Using the tablo interface recording scheduling conflicts are not easily resolved. You have to use the windows pc interface to resolve conflicts

For someone who wants simplicity of use, local programming and recording functionality only and has no need of US programming or an advid sports watcher, this is the sytem for you. Otherwise an antenna with a direct feed connection to your tv is adequate for live viewing

It is possible they would let you switch from annual to lifetime and put your 2nd annual amount towards the lifetime amount. You’d have to contact them directly for this one off exemption. But if months have passed since the event, then unlikely.

Did you unsubscribe from their emails? Others have said similar, but it turned out they unsubscribed.


But recording functionality is the name of the game here. OTA is great if you can hack viewing at programmers convenience and endless moronic commercials. For the privilege of using their HD recording box I paid TW 25/mo in ADDITION to their insane cable fees. Tablo still has some issues but none so jaw dropping (think Simple) as to resort to cable again. Tivo is more refined but costly for multiple TV users plus what I view as pricing “attitude” at $15/mo subscription fee. No, Tablo will do just fine.

I don’t get any notification from my VPN provider. Just a confirmation of payment from paypal…