2 TB to 5 TB; wish me luck: Success with gparted

I’ve setup gparted to copy my Tablo drive to a new 5 TB drive. It’s going to be a long process. I couldn’t find a way to change the sector size from 512. From what I’ve read, the drive will handle the sector size difference internally. I started the copy at 1.00 MiB, if that that makes sense. It added that automatically, instead of starting at zero.
201509061614 edit: I originally copied the Tablo’s “msdos” partition table formatted drive. After reading the error in the gparted.htm file, I had the tablo format the new drive. It’s now “gpt”. I then copied the old Tablo drive/ “msdos” partition into the new drive/ “gpt” partition. I could have created that “gpt” type partition table in the new drive in gparted, I’m sure. We’ll see if that does the trick.
201509062108 edit: 29 hours remaining.
201509081830 edit: Success: that was 29 hours remaining of copying the first drive to the second. This apparently happens in four stages; stage 1: check and fix errors on the first partition (drive). Stage 2: (which I failed twice, until I decided to save the error log “gparted.htm” as mentioned above); copy this first partition to the second. Stage 3: check the new partition for errors. Stage 4: extend the new partition to fit the whole drive. This took several days. I’m setup to record Colbert tonight. Everything appears to be working and has been transferred.

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Best of luck … this is how I transferred my recordings from my 1TB drive to my current 3TB drive.