2 Tablos on one network trouble

I searched the forum and could not find the answer. I have 2 tablos, one 4 tuner and one dual. I recently hooked up the 4 tuner and it works great. The problem is I cannot get my Roku App to find the dual once I’ve connected the 4 tuner to the Roku. I have tried the disconnect the 4 tuner instead of exit on the Roku and it will only find the 4 tuner when I search for devices on the Roku. I can see both Tablos on my apple devices and my computers, just having trouble with the Rokus. I have powered down the 4 tuner, and if I do that I can find the dual on the Rokus. Then I reconnect the 4 tuner and the dual stays connected until I disconnect it from the Roku, once I disconnect the dual, it will only find the 4 tuner. Anybody else having this problem?


It’s possible that some networking might be the source of this…

Are both Tablo units on Ethernet or are they both on WiFi? Or is one on Ethernet and the other on WiFi?

I have the EXACT same setup, Roku, one dual tuner, one 4 tuner…I have NO issues with connecting to either of them at any time with ANY client, Roku, Firestick, Android, Computer.

I have both hard-wired to the network, both are on the same subnet, as are all of my devices…so when the discovery goes out it finds both and I choose which to connect to…I find it weird that you can connect to the dual when the 4 is off, but not otherwise.

Okay, I found the problem. The dual was hardwired into my comcast modem and the 4 channel was over wi-fi which was on a different router. The Dual was on 192.168.1.xxx and the 4 Channel was 192.168.0.xxx. The Rokus were on the 192.168.0.xxx, so it found the 4 channel. What is weird though, is it found the dual when the 4 channel was not hooked up…not sure what that was about.

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So, as I understand it the client sends out a network broadcast and waits for a reply…in your case the only device to reply was the 4 tuner…in the case of the 4 tuner not being online, it’s possible that because of convoluted networks like yours the developers had it ‘retry’ on different subnets if it didn’t get a response out of the primary one…but being your 4 was responding, it didn’t ‘keep looking’. If you move them both to the same network then they should both respond to the broadcast :slight_smile: