2 tablos 1 house

I just bought a second 4 tuner Tablo (could not resist $230 on newegg). I have one antenna and 1 four tuner tablo already.

I will probably put a second antenna on my mast pointing a different direction. And then set up both tablo to Record the stations they see best.

I assume the two tablos will not talk to each other. I will have to choose one for one set of recordings or live TV and then choose the other for the other set of recordings and live TV. Is this correct?

Is there anyway around this where they could be joined reasonably well through Plex or something else?

I would also be interested in how two Tablos co-exist in a home since I may be purchasing another one.


  1. Can one have two Tablo apps on the Roku, each one pointing at a different Tablo device?

  2. Is there a thought in the future for pooling multiple Tablos, i.e. one Tablo app pointing at multiple Tablo devices?

  3. Ditto on the question above - can Plex join two Tablos?

Something else occurred to me. I have Tablo Ripper automated as a service to pull off recordings. When Tablo Ripper is first set up, it is given a Tablo device or static IP to point at. Can there be two instances of the Tablo Ripper service running, each pointed at a different Tablo on the same PC?

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Multiple TabloTV’s on a network works no issues. When you use start the TabloTV app (Roku, Andriod or Chrome) you will be presented with a list of TabloTV’s on your network and you pick the one you want to use. Then you disconnect and you can choose another one. For remote off site viewing you need to open up three ports per TabloTV on your firewall/router. I have three TabloTV for redundancy reasons. However the TabloTV have been pretty stable and redundancy was never necessary.

TabloRipper allows you to select one Tablo at a time. If you’re running it manually, just select the Tablo your interested in.

You could run a couple instances (using the background service) at the same time, each pointing at its own Tablo. But to do that you’d want to run one in a VM, such as this:

If there’s sufficient interest, perhaps I could add an option to have the background service alternate between available instances. Would that be helpful?