2 recorded shows simultaneously on 2 TV's

Can I watch 2 recorded shows simultaneously on 2 TV’s


Recorded shows don’t even use a tuner, so you could theoretically watch 6 different recorded shows on various devices in your home while recording 2 or 4 shows (depending on your Tablo).

With the emphasis on “theoretically” - depending on connection method, recording quality (which together goes to bandwidth) and so forth. The specifications certainly says you can stream six shows, but I’m willing to bet they’re not going to be able to support the data rate of 6 highness-quality data streams.

One of the reasons it might be nice to be able to set a per-show recording quality. Not all recordings deserve 10 Mbps recordings.

I will say that I have had 6 highest quality streams going on in my house at the same time, so it does work. My Tablo is connect to my router over a MOCA connection, and all my devices were wireless. But I do have a strong router.

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If your Tablo is hard wired to your router, the 100 Mbps Ethernet connection can handle 6 streams of 1080p recordings. The limitation would be the wireless speed if your playback devices are wireless. Wired devices would work fine.

Thanks everyone, I wasn’t sure if the hard drive they are stored on could handle that many at the same time.

Off subject. Is there any issues with fast forwarding through commercials on recordings? I’m not clear on that.

Is that true for remote viewing too?

If you are not using Full quality for remote viewing, then you are using a tuner to do the live transcoding of recordings to the set quality.