2 Issues with Tablo and Chromecast

First issue - When using the Android and casting to a TV, sometimes the unit just stops and won’t respond. The table interface stops working and error messages results. Many times I can re-start the Tablo app and continue where I left off but sometimes it is a complete redo.
Second issue - I have noticed on some recordings while in process is that you cannot go back 20s or forward 30s. Each time you hit the button you go back to the beginning of the show. This forces me to wait for the end of the recording to be able to use those functions and not have to live like the movie Groundhogs Day.

Anyone else seeing this behavior? Does the Roku work any better with the Tablo?

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Chromecast is going to be the worst experience with the Tablo compared to any other device. I have used it on occasion these past two years, and it works ok to play back a show, but the Roku, FireTv, and web apps are so much better.


Chromecast performance is only as good as the device controlling it as well as network performance. e.g., I have no problems casting Tablo from my Nexus 7 2013 (which uses pure Android Marshmallow) with a Chromecast 1st gen. I don’t get the same kind of performance with my older Motorola Xoom. Faster, more stable tablets = better.

Something like the Roku provides a couple advantages: You have a dedicated remote and the interface lets you browse a show using thumbnails (to quickly get past commercials, if applicable). You can scrub using Chromecast but it’s a bit janky compared to something like the Roku.

Since you are used to Chromecast, you might consider looking into Android TV devices if you are ready for an upgrade. You can get either a Nexus Player or NVIDIA Shield TV. Both of them have fantastic Tablo performance, especially the Shield. Another benefit of Android TV or Roku is that you can still use Google Cast to cast all of the same games and apps’ content, if there is not yet a native Android TV app or you feel like using your phone. In my testing, Android TV performs the best out of Android TV, Roku, and Chromecast.

Roku and FireTV would also be an upgrade over the Chromecast.

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“Does the Roku work any better with the Tablo”?

In a word - yes. Also Nexus player.

Nexus Player also works away from home, while no Roku will work with the Tablo away from home.

Good to know. Have NP but haven’t tried remote yet.

I have 2 Roku3s, two iPhones, two iPads and ATV and a NP. NP is by FAR the best!

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Nice to know. I completely missed out on all the Roku misadventures. My only disaster prior to NP was CHROMECAST.
While we’re on the subject I haven’t seen any vendors offering NP for sale.

You might keep an eye on ebay. Some stores sell there

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Yes, I have noticed that. I don’t know what happen to NP, but right after Christmas they just seemed to disappear. Strange. I bought mine back in Nov from Amazon for $50 and now you can’t find one.

OK, so I see there are not a lot of Chromecast lovers at least for use with a Tablo. Roku boxes seem to be a good choice and readily available. Any recommendations on the model? I do streaming from Tablo, HBO Now and Netflix.

These Rokus (with latest firmware installed) should work well with Tablo:
Roku 4 is the latest and supports 4k video if you think you’d like that. BUT, it has a fan and the other Roku models don’t (so a tiny bit of noise and a moving part that might affect lifespan).
Roku 2 (4210R)- the new model- has the same processor as the Roku 3 (so same fast response) at a lower price, but it has an infrared remote so placement may affect how easy it is to control with the remote. That said, I have a Roku 2 4210R mounted on the back of a TV and the infrared remote has no problem hitting it ‘on the reflection’ off of the wall behind the TV- your mileage may vary with that.
Roku 3 has fast menu response and an RF remote, so it’s great if you want to locate the Roku on the back of the TV or in a cabinet, but it costs a bit more than Roku 2. I have both an old model and a new model Roku 3 and both work great with Tablo for me.
I had an old model Roku 2 and it was VERY slow to queue up Tablo content or respond after a fast forward, etc to start playing again. I wouldn’t recommend the old model Roku 2.
By the way, only one of my Rokus is connected by Ethernet because it is farthest from the router and because I have an Ethernet jack near it; 3 are connected using wi-fi via the 5GHz band of my router. My Tablo is connected by Ethernet to the router. I’ve not had any of the streaming problems that some users have reported on the forum (touch wood).

I got the last one at the local Best Buy a few months ago. Weird.

the NP popped back in stock for a couple of days on the Play store, but apparently ran out again rather quickly. I have no idea if they are going to manufacture any more, or if they are working on a v2 of the product

(I personally am hoping they are just working a v2 with onboard Ethernet, but then again wish in one hand…)

If you are so inclined, they do have some on ebay… EBay “search” Link