2 Hard Drive questions

Does the HD spin continuously or only when the tablo is streaming either live or a recording?

And is this the drive that is highly recommended?

The drive does go into sleep mode when not accessed for a period of time.
It’s a good drive, I have two on two different Tablos: one on each Tablo.


Thats the drive I use. I have had zero problems

:fist: knock on wood

Thanks - I don’t have any issues with the one I’m using but it’s a full sized drive in an externally powered enclosure. So for no other reason that tidying up the electronics bench (I wish I had a closet - well I do, but it’d be way hot in there) I was thinking of getting one.

I was concerned that if they didn’t stop spinning that would be an issue for a drive that is not intended for continuous use.

One thing I do recommend is to place the hard drive on a cushioned pad, like this:

On a hard surface, like wood, the drive’s case can vibrate just loud enough for young ears to hear.

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I fully understand, i got it off the bat because it didn’t have a power supply

… Then promptly stuck the Tablo and the drive in my rafters where no one can see them anyway :grinning:

I thought of doing that, but where I live, my attic can easily reach over 100 deg F in the summer - as outside air temps are 90+ in the shade. So I don’t think that would be a good idea for me!

True, that would not be a good idea for me either.

I have a split level so its in the rafters between the basement and top floor.

I wouldn’t worry about it much but since it is also the guest bedroom…nobody really likes all the blinking lights…some of which can’t be turned off and are somewhat hard to cover with electrical tape due to their location(s).

Glad I’m not the only one using electrical tape for blinding LEDs.

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That’s a good idea. I keep mine on a piece of dense foam for that exact reason (even though my ears are hardly young at this point). Drives tend to be quite noisy when sitting on a wood shelf.

I’ve had good success with using these on many LEDs in bedrooms and other areas where they are distracting…just a fancy version of electrical tape, but they don’t leave any residue and look quite nice as well.

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Those look pretty cool - especially if you still want to see the LED some (if you don’t get the black out version)

I get around the electrical tape residue issue by using the highest quality (read most expensive) tape I can find…then before putting it on the device, I touch it to my jeans/carpet/whatever a few times to pick up some lint, then stick it to the device.

The lint reduces the “amount” of adhesive/stickiness but still allows for it to adhere to things like routers, switches, hard drive enclosures, NAS boxes. So far it has worked well.

Then I’m also left with a roll of electrical tape for when I’m doing electrical work around the house! I like multi-tasker type items rather than a single use thing!

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