2.2.8 playback of recordings unusable until next day

I’m using version 2.2.8 with a Roku3 and the new channel version. As of late, playback of recordings either during or shortly after the recording time is unusable, or painful at best. I’ve verified that there are not multipl channels being accessed (or multiple clients), there is no bandwidth contention to cause the buffering, and the storage volume is at only 60% full. In some cases, extreme choppiness of playback is the symptom. In others, the UI will report incorrect lengh (where the “episode listing” has the correct lengths.

Could this be caused by the background trick-mode processing (thumnail generation for FF/RW)? I had an asset that was unplayable a few days ago look just fine tonight while one that was from an hour ago is absolute poo (same channel, same night of the week, same program).

Any thoughts on troubleshooting?