1TB internal SATA WD Blue SSD not recognized

I have a Quad Tablo TV DVR and live in the US.

Was watching tv the other day and went to add something to be recorded and got an error that no hard drive was installed even though there actually was a WD Blue SA510 SATA SSD (1 TB) inside. I disconnected tablotv and removed the drive. I put the drive in a hard drive cradle attached to my Mac and nothing mounted there.

  1. I believe when I originally installed the drive it was working but can’t recall if I ever actually tested it.
  2. My HD cradle / Mac setup is confirmed working with 3.5’ Spinning Hard Drives

I am going to reassemble the Quad with the drive and power it back on to see if it magically starts working, but I doubt that will be the case.

Any troubleshooting help would be appreciated. I am wondering if the drive is dead or there is an issue with the Tablo. All reading on the site suggests that my drive should be compatible, but now I am second guessing it.

I reinstalled the Hard Drive and connected an external. It’s only recognizing the external drive right now the best I can tell. Not sure if it suppose to be able to work with both an internal and external.

Your Tablo uses EXT4 format (a Linux format) which I know that PC’s can’t natively read. I don’t know if your Mac can natively read it or not, but that may be the reason you weren’t able to read it.

There are utilities that can be run on a PC to read this format, so I’m assuming there may also be something you can do on a Mac. Sorry I can’t provide anything more to try.

No, your Tablo will only work with one drive at a time.

Those SA510 WD drives have a bad reputation for failing. They’re cheap for a reason. If you can’t get it working in the Tablo it might be wise to test it on a computer to see if it works there.