140 recorded episodes of one show may have self-deleted

Pretty sure 140 episodes of sanford & son disappeared. Looks like the tablo is planning to re-record them all. I don’t think they were deleted intentionally but can’t be 100% sure at this point. software 2.2.28

It would be extremely unusual for a single series to disappear, leaving the rest untouched.

Are you seeing this across multiple platforms or just on one? Have you tried deleting/re-adding the app on affected platforms to see if they show up again?

If they don’t re-appear, we can take a peek at your logs if you touch base with support to find out when/how/why they were deleted: www.tablotv.com/ask-tablo/

Edit: Yesterday about 200 episodes of Caught in Providence self deleted. I will email logs to support asap. I turned off “auto deletions” afterwards fwiw.

18 seasons of 412 episodes of SVU recorded on my Tablo. All properly processed with commercial skip.

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in hindsight it seems the shows' deletion may have been related to an impending hard drive failure .   Recently I have copied the failing-drive's contents onto a new drive successfully - all recordings intact and usable with commercial skip.   I have not seen shows 'self-delete' again and have re-recorded and recovered all the Sanford & Sons that had disappeared :)