11-1 (FOX) is really 13-1 even after rescan (Los Angeles)

The Guide shows FOX programming on 11-1, but when I view the actual channel it is 13-1 KCOP.
I tried rescanning the channels, but the result is the same!
This how I watch the Simpsons, but I can’t now.

@BillMe Can you try removing the channel from the lineup then save the lineup. After that do a fresh channel scan and re-add the channel.

Hopefully that will do the trick, but if not drop a note to support and they can take a closer look and place a ticket with our guide provider if necessary: Tablo Support | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo

Could these guide issues have anything to do with 3 L.A. stations setting up an ATSC 3.0 lighthouse station and repacking stations 13.1 and 11.1.

Thanks! That appears to have fixed it. Hopefully it’ll stick.

I also added a reboot to your steps, just in case…
I did the following steps:
Remove 11-1 from the lineup and click the “Add to Guide” button (using the web interface on my computer) and wait for it to update.
11 minutes later, reboot the Tablo using the button on the back of the box.
Run a new channel scan and re-select my lineup including 11-1.
(I loose my selections every time I run a channel scan).

After the Guide downloaded I checked the 11-1 live broadcast and it is finally Fox.

I don’t have anything scheduled to record on 11-1 until Sunday. I will update this thread then.

I went to channelmaster.com and found that they show 2 entries for 11-1.
One is Channel 11 at KTTV-DT1 and the other is Channel 13 at KTTV-NG1.
They are both at the same direction at 2 degrees and with the same signal strength.
Don’t know how that’s supposed to work. Maybe it’s temporary???