1080p frame stutter

I’m using a 2-tuner Tablo, hard wired into fast network. Antenna signal is excellent on all channels (not just according to the Tablo, but on all devices). I use a Roku 3 for playback (also hard wired). I have bandwidth out the wazoo, and can stream network shares to the Roku at over 20 Mbps… so that’s not the issue.

I have zero problems with content recorded/buffered at 720p, but if I use either 1080p setting on a 1080i broadcast channel, I start to see frame stuttering, especially in video that pans side to side. Picture is clear as can be, no artifacts, but motion isn’t smooth (it’s not horrible, but the occasional shuddering bugs me).

I’m guessing that this is a limitation of the Roku 3’s playback ability, or Tablo’s transcoding ability, but was wondering if anyone has any ideas. I’d be fine with leaving the setting at 720p, but some shows really need more bitrate (if there was a 720p/8 Mbps setting, it would solve all my problems). Anyhow, I’m open to ideas – and if this is simply something that needs to be addressed in future firmware/software, I get that, too.

Are you using 1080/10 or 1080/8? If 10 mbps you might try moving to 8.

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Doesn’t matter. Happens on either 8 or 10. Feels like a deinterlacing issue, but I’m not sure. Thanks for the reply, though.

Which Roku 3? Model 4200 or 4230?

Which firmware you running on it? 7.0 or 7.1?

4200x, 7.1 firmware.

Sometimes this is an issue with the TV. Some have a feature called ‘motion blur’ (or something similar) enabled that needs to be turned off.

Motion settings are completely off on the TV, and it happens when I use it on my plasma, as well. That said, I’ve tried pretty much every permutation. It’s not the TV (same thing happens on the plasma with no ‘picture tricks’.), it’s not the Roku (same thing happens when I playback using an Intel i5 media computer), not the hard drive (happens using a powered Hitachi, WD Elements, Seagate external), not my network (happens wired, wireless, through two different switches).

So, I gotta hang this on the Tablo. It’s just not the hardware I’d hoped it would be – but fortunately it’s not that important. I can live with 720p.

Having the exact same issue as the OP. Playback of content on my Roku 3 that was recorded at either of the 1080 quality settings introduces a slight frame stuttering (especially noticeable during slow panning). My Roku 3 is running firmware 7.5.

As a test I re-attached my old Roku 2XS (running Roku firmware 7.2) and found that the problem goes away entirely. Both my Rokus were running the same (latest) Tablo Roku app. Just as the OP says, change the quality to 720/5 and the problem goes away on the Roku 3.

All motion settings on the TV are turned off. I did experiment with turning them on to try and fix the stutter - helped some, but did not eliminate. Using a 2-tuner Tablo.