1080i stations not smooth

Is there any reason why when watching CBS and NBC the picture quality isn’t as smooth as when watching with the antenna plugged directly into the TV? I have the picture quality setting on the Tablo to the max. 1080and 720 with 60 fps. Example: watching NBC earlier and on there bottom scroll watching through Tablo it was distorted but watching with the antenna plugged directly to the TV it was perfectly fine. Any ideas?

Is your Tablo connected wireless or wired?


Remember, Tablo transcodes, so there is always some loss. Not saying this is what you’re seeing, but it is a fact.

For me, 1080 stations are NEVER smooth on the Tablo, if it’s set to record at 1080p – especially if there is text scrolling at the bottom (like a news program). I finally gave up, and only use the Tablo in 720 mode, which is always fine.

I’ve tried that but ABC and Fox don’t look as sharp as they do when the setting is at the max

1080i MPEG2 video (native format) is converted to 1080p h.264 video - it is not lossless, and the conversion from I to P is likely why you don’t see it as perfectly smooth.

Have you played with the motion smoothing settings of your TV? It may help to turn it off, or adjust the settings to combat some of what your seeing.

Thanks for the advice. Noise reduction was set to high. Turned it off and that corrected the issue I was having.

Glad it helped…