1080i channels not smooth

I’ve had my Tablo for about 5 months. CBS and NBC have never been ‘smooth’. The picture is like watching Hulu Live TV on ESPN, FS1, etc. My router is perfectly fine with plenty of power to stream the feed. This only occurs while watching sports programming. Hooking the antenna directly to my TV and the problem is non existent. Fox and ABC look great. Also, I have streaming set at maximum. 10mbps 1080i 720@ 60fps. What gives? The picture isn’t unwatchable by any means on those channels. It’s just distracting while watching sports on CBS and NBC.

Would it have anything to due with the OTA of Fox and ABC normally is 720p. And that NBC and CBS is normally 1080I.

Probably but why do they look really good with the antenna plugged directly into the TV?

Mine does that too through MXQ Pro Android box Tablo App. It works perfectly through the PC “casted” thought Chromecast. Just have to manage your playback through the computer. My bet is that my android box cannot proccess the signal and AND send it at the same time. It does not matter if it is a recorded show or OTA Live. It is just jerky, though the app navigates well,… I have even hardwired the Tablo to my router and the media box hardwired as well. Same result. As I said. I think it is the Android box.

Great. Thanks for that. That makes sense.

I record everything at 720p and don’t notice an issue. I have multiple 1080 TV’s so there is no upscaling. And my media devices are set to 720p.

But maybe my eyes aren’t that good anymore and wouldn’t see the difference.

And it was the streaming device. It looks great when casting to my Chromecast. Not sure why my fire TV box would have problems decoding and streaming it. Is that normal for the fire TV box?