1080 (10mb) quality w/o 720/60

@TabloTV, any chance of getting a 1080(10mb) recording quality without the 720/60 feature? I have a 2-tuner unit and would rather not tie up 2 processors to record a 720 channel.

I never knew 720p 60 fps uses 2 tuners - is this published on their website somewhere?

@TabloSupport confirmed my observation that 2 tuners are used for 720p@60fps, if 2 tuners are available.
That’s why I changed to Max Recording Quality: HD1080 - 8Mbps

This limitation only affects the 4-tuner model, so you’re covered @mbellaire. We have this documented here.

Thanks for the link, I actually read through that before posting. So does that mean if I select 1080/720-60 that my 2 tuner unit will NOT record at 60fps?

@mbellaire It will record at 60FPS. It can’t just do 4 at a time… but you don’t have 4-tuners, so no worries :slight_smile:

So that means that as soon as a 720 recording starts I will have no tuners available - which is what I want to avoid. So my suggestion is to have a 1080 10mb quality, but without the 720/60 feature.

The Tablo basically has it already, which is 1080p 8mb. I would be very surprised if you could tell a difference.

You make a good point @snowcat, I’m already on 8mb. However, if it doesn’t make any difference I wonder why Tablo didn’t just create a 1080(8mb) w/720@60FPS.

I think they mean with a dual tuner, you can record 2 (TWO) 720p streams at 60 fps at the same time. So you don’t lose a tuner.

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@theuser86 that would be great if it worked that way, but I remember reading that 720/60fps recording was accomplished by using 2 tuners (30fps each). @TabloSupport does a 720/60 recording use 2 tuners or just one (regardless if using a 2-tuner or 4-tuner unit)?

EDIT - this is the post I read - 2 tuner Tablo: Acess with 2nd device forces 1st device to change channel

From the article Support linked to above:

"How It Works

Since this process requires Tablo to encode twice as many frames in its video – 60fps vs. 30fps - the HD1080 – 10Mbps, 720@60fps recording quality requires considerably more processing power and bandwidth from the Tablo DVR’s internal hardware.

In some instances, this setting could negatively affect the quality of the video if four simultaneous 60fps live streams were in progress.

In order to preserve image quality across streams, Tablo’s fourth tuner will be temporarily disabled if any 720p stations are being recorded at 60fps. This is true ONLY for 4-tuner Tablo DVRs using the HD1080 – 10Mbps, 720@60fps recording quality.

If a tuner cannot be reserved, (i.e, if four recordings are occurring at once), Tablo will automatically record the last scheduled airing at 30fps instead of 60fps.

This failsafe is only put into action on the 4th active recording, which is why this is NOT seen on 2-tuner Tablo DVRs"

Its really not using TWO tuners to do 60fps, on the 4 tuner model they will disable a tuner to ensure the overall Tablo hardware is not tasked beyond its limitations.

So 4 tuner models can do 3 live 60fps encodes at a time, the two tuner can do 2.

This is exactly correct. I’ll add a preface to this note article; essentially, there are no limitations whatsoever using the 60FPS quality on a 2-tuner unit.

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It does work that way - see post above.

@TabloSupport, thanks for the clarification.

An excerpt from the message I linked to earlier is quoted below. As you just confirmed, a 2 tuner can do 2 60fps recordings, but this isn’t what was stated in the PM from Tablo support in Sept 2016. Just pointing this out because Tablo support seemingly provided 2 different answers to the same question.

@mbellaire Great point! Though I believe the unit in question here was a 4-tuner!