10 second rewind please

It seems to me 10 sec rew is far superior to 20 secs. The fact that 30 is divisible by 10 allows you to have more control when skipping commercials. If I go slightly too far then 10 secs back should be sufficient, if not hitting it again puts you at 20 secs, which is where the current default takes you. If someone can think of why 20 secs is better, I’d love to know.

I asked for configurable times. Makes more sense that way. You may want 10, someone else may want 30 :wink:

@mbobrien - I’m lobbying for the configurable option that @Jestep suggested. It seems like the best option for long-term customer happiness but it also is the option that takes the most work. Stay tuned!

Please do not neglate the Roku when it comes to adding such functionality. I’d bet that tablo use from roku is significant. Please do not ignore that interface for future useful features.

@Eves - We’re still hunting for a full-time Roku dev because we know just how many of our users rely on Roku as their primary viewing mode. 

Bumping this.

New to Tablo, former ReplayTV user

7 (or even 10) second skip back is so needed.  I read upthread that it’s supposedly 20 second skip back, but I swear it feels more like 30 on the new Roku channel.  If I miss a snippet of dialog, I really don’t need 20-30 seconds (and I really don’t need to see practically the whole commercial before the return of the show).

@geekette - Welcome to the Tablo family :) 

You can use the D-Pad buttons vs. the FFW and REW buttons for shorter tweaks to viewing. Give it a shot!

I would also like to see a 10 sec replay.

I asked for user defined… 10, 15, 20, etc that way we can all have our own control :wink:

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As in many other software apps for Android TV devices, the direction pad right and left buttons should initially do a short skip and the more times they’re pressed within a short period, the larger the skip increment gets.