1 TB bundle - ebay joke of a deal... or just a great deal

I’m pretty sure I know the answer, has Nuvyyo/Tablo ever had a 1Tb bundle with the Tablo Quad? …of course not.

I came across this listing on ebay - Tablo Quad 1 TB Bundle, 4 Tuner, Over-The-Air HDTV DVR WiFi Network, original title - Tablo Quad, 4 Tuner Over-The-Air HDTV DVR TV Tuner WiFi Network Recorder condition: Open Box, new

I noticed in the picture it appeared to have a drive installed. Clearly not new, so I called them out.

In the pic is looks like an internal drive has been installed, if there is, is it included?
The listings says “open box”, they don’t come with internal drives installed - only used devices would have one - please clarify.

Their response is almost comical -

Thanks for your note! Actually they do offer a 1 TB bundle which this is. I was going to cut the cable but changed my mind, at least until the deal I got from Comcast expires. You were right about the listing condition though. I have updated the listing.

If it’s broken, they have a 12mth warranty Quads aren’t that old. Otherwise, “oh yea, I forgot, I did use it. I bought it like that [trust me]. I’ll just get another one if/when I cut the cable again”

Any one ever get a Tablo Quad bundled with a 1Tb drive? I may be mistaken.

I think maybe they did for a bit.

They did.



I’m still skeptical with a dramatic name change on the listing, forgetting they had used it. Wouldn’t it be a huge selling point to note the drive - well, hopefully it’s all good. Overall they do appear to be a decent ebay vendor.

Most manufacturer warranties are only for the initial purchaser, not for someone buying a used Tablo on eBay. I would check the warranty fine print before buying a Tablo off eBay.

Yes! With the “mis-leading” initial headline, the possibility could have existed that it was broke and they were trying to unload it - but they had a warranty.

Now, maybe, they actually just screwed up the listing - if it’s legit, with 1tb drive, make offer first, but the buy now isn’t too unreasonable.