1 of 2 Roku's fail to connect since yesterday

Out of box, Both wifi Roku 2’s worked fine.

I awoke yesterday, and the Roku closest to the wifi, no longer can find the Tablo. All other devices seem to be connecting.

I did allow insecure connections a few days ago. I did enable remote access.

Roku channel version is 2.5 build zero. Both rokus are 2400x sw 8 build 4128-02 Both play all roku channels fine. Tablo firmware up to date 2.2.20

Tried rebooting roku, rebooting tablo. Tried turning off fast startup.
Refreshing wifi on roku.

Finally I tried rebooting the router. This resolved the problem. But, Why?

Explain this - why kind of networking voodoo are you doing?

I was watching tablo on roku, when a message popped up saying that if I enabled insecure connections things would work faster. I chose over local wifi to insecure. I realized years age that https connections take ten times longer to load pages.

Either this choice, or a roku tablo pushed update, has changed a fifty second tablo app load time, to the current five second app load on the roku.

Correct, it’ll work faster for you, and all the freeloaders, and hackers that get within your WiFi broadcast distance.

What do you think are the chances? Disabled wep, using WPA, disabled quick setup, 20 character password with symbols. Plus, live in a house, surrounded by neighbors, all who have own wifi.

Might be a little more nervous in apartments. Still, has latest WPA been cracked with single button setup disabled. And if they infiltrate my box, will they bother to delete my old episodes of Facts of Life? Would not I have bigger problems than worrying if they are using one of my tuners in lieu of the free OTA tuner built in to all modern TVs?

Wait, if you’re using WPA, then your wireless network is still secure.
However, this conflicts with your statement that you’re allowing unsecure connections.

In the meantime…

If your neighbors won’t even try to use your network, because they already have one, then try leaving your car unlocked with the keys in the ignition.
Your neighbors already have their own cars, right? :slight_smile:

Yes, any security can be bypassed given enough time, and skill.
However, hackers, thieves, … go for low hanging fruit, which will be on the low branch you just provided them. :slight_smile:

Really don’t think they would focus on free TV shows.
They would focus on anything they could steal of value: usernames and passwords; financial data; compromising data; any data you don’t want anyone else ever seeing data… :slight_smile:

I could be wrong. I assume that insecure connections has zero to do with the greater wireless encryption. Rather it is more like https v. HTTP connection between server and client. While I am uncertain about the value of encryption accessing the tablo from a far, it does seem to me a total waste of time on a private house network.

But then again, thinking and upon reflection, I would feel just awful if a Russian hacker hacked my Tablo and deleted an entire season of Facts of life. I would forever be tortured knowing that I could never track them down and repay my debt of gratitude.

HTTPS is a protocol that secures a web client to server connection across a network.
i.e. From your computer’s web browser to your bank’s website.

Wireless encryption that we’re discussing prevents, or at least slows way down (so they’ll likely go elsewhere), unauthorized users from your entire home network, not just your Tablo.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you have more than just your Tablo connected to your home network, right?

No. One tablo.

I am not talking about security with my wifi. Apparently, tablo uses some https like protocol, even in house.