1.0.1 Observations

First and foremost… THANK YOU so much for Chromecast support on the Android phone app!  This update today (Jan 5th 2015) to the Android App is a wonderful step forward! Thank you for your hard work!  Having played around with it a little tonight, I just wanted to throw some observations out there and see if I’m doing something incorrectly or there are some tweaks that still need to be looked at.

I notice that in Chromecasting mode, there is a Stop icon.  Pressing this while a recorded show is being cast to a TV stops the TV feed but then resumes playing the recording on the phone, but not where the Chromecast left off, it resumes to the point just before casting to the TV. For example, I start a show, and 2 seconds into the show I cast it to my Chromecast and watch the show for 15 minutes.  When I press the stop button, the Chromecast feed stops on the TV and the phone now starts playing, but not from the 15 minute mark where I actually was on my TV, it resumes playing from 2 seconds into the show, basically the last point that the phone saw. Pushing the “Disconnect” button in the Chromecast icon pop up display while Chromecasting yields the same results. 

While watching a video, the only way to go back to a Tablo menu from the video player is the phone’s back button now (previous app version, there was a back navigation arrow in the upper left hand corner, which appears to be gone now), and doing so doesn’t seem to save where I am in the show, Chromecast or phone player progress.  Upon returning to the show, it starts at the beginning of the recording. 

Aside from this, I’m loving the new update! Very responsive! I love how the splash screen is now a dark theme, no more blazing white screen in a dark room when stopping a show with the old white splash screen (thank you!). 

I like having the pause and fastforward/rewind buttons available in the notification shade, as well as being able to start Chromecasting, then leave Tablo to go do other things on my device without loosing connection to Tablo, similar to other apps and their Chromecasting capabilities.  

Thanks for the feedback and the compliments.

There have been updates to the Tablo Video Player app since the initial launch. Please give it a try and see if your play position troubles have been solved. There will be additional improvements made to the play position synchronization in upcoming releases.