YouTube Drops Support on Amazon Fire

Just learned that YouTube will be dropping off Amazon Fire TV devices starting 1/1/2018. I encourage everyone to go to Amazon and give the Amazon devices a rating of 1 with a heading that YouTube is not supported on Amazon Fire! I couldn’t be more pissed to see this. Reminds me of Dish feuding with CBS and dropping programming. I researched carefully Amazon Fire vs Roku vs Apple TV. I need Tablo Connect. Now I’m wondering about what device to move to. Even if this YouTube issue gets resolved, when will it happen again? These companies with competing content will always have these issues. Thinking about returning Amazon Fire TV devices.

Actually it is a goggle amazon spat causing your issue.

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Google wants to own it all. Amazon saw Android as “open”. Amazon wanted more control. War begins. Amazon ends up building their own App Store… division gets worse. Etc. etc…

Now you know why Roku (which is neither Google or Amazon) is the choice of many.

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But Roku doesn’t support tablo connect. My primary usage is at my cabin where I don’t get local TV. Streaming from my Tablo is perfect for this. It seems that Android TV is my only option away from Amazon. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t see Android TV having the same conflict with content as Amazon which trys to push its content more.

It’s not quite so one sided. As Google mentioned, Google products aren’t allowed to be sold by Amazon (Amazon also wanting to own it all).

As for Roku connect, Tablo has given us some “glimmer” of light… but not getting my hopes up.

Or you could set up a VPN from your cabin to your home and then use any device you want.

Nah, I only submit 1 star reviews for products that actually suck. Besides, I tend to side with Amazon on this one. Google has begun to exert Apple-like control over Android as of late. Hopefully a YouTube competitor takes the reins soon.

I returned my 3 amazon fire devices to amazon for a full refund. Walmart sells the mibox with AndroidTV at a cheaper price than the amazon fire box. The mibox interface is similar for apps and Tablo is the same. I don’t see any difference in performance or bugs with the device. There are some minor differences that I like more on the mibox, such as, I don’t have all the amazon content pushed on me and I can uninstall most of mibox preloaded apps. One down side is that the mibox doesn’t come with an ethernet port and the usb port remains off after the device is restarted so using a USB-to-Ethernet adapter is not practical since the adapter would need to be unplugged and plugged back in each time the device is turned off and back on. Now that my wifi has been upgraded to 802.11ac with gaming capacity, it’s not an issue like it might be for some people. I had 3 TV’s streaming on wifi without any pausing issues. Going with the mibox eliminates my risk of losing YouTube again. I also don’t have the studder issue that started occurring in Tablo since the newest amazon fire device was released last month.

Google’s loss is Apple’s gain. With Amazon Prime video on AppleTV, there aren’t any major services left off the AppleTV. Sure, there are some services here and there that people will want, but AppleTV has been a great experience. If you’ve got another Apple device, you can Airplay from that for Tablo Connect.