YouTube and Hulu preparing to launch internet TV service in 2017

I would be pretty stoked for a Youtube service, especially if it gets live channels integration.

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As long as they are free Im all for it…

I have rejected HULU due to “double dipping” … ie. showing commercials while I am paying for the service… fine if you want to show commercials for a free service but don’t then turn around and charge me for the privilege to show my unskippable ones.

Have you tried commercial-free HULU yet? It is glorious.

No because after careful consideration there is nothing they offer I actually want… or would want to pay real money to see that I dont already get with the TABLO.

Thank you. That’s what I was thinking also. Just wanted to clarify.

Today, in a moment of weakness, I read one of the frequent ads I get from Charter. I am not a nice person but they want me back, anyway. They really like me. Anyhow, $29.99 gets me what I guess is basic service with one box for free. You see, I did the Sling TV thing for a few months during the end of football season and a few months of college basketball. It was good, but I killed it the day after national championship game.

I thought maybe I could get tons of football for $29.99 through Charter. No, getting the sports channels is $52 a month. I did not ask which channels I get for my money. I think most of the ESPN channels and NFL Redzone. Not sure what else. Then I would drop at the end of the season. Any one look into this and think it is a good deal?

Most likely its a “limited time offer” “regular rates apply after trial period” or some other shenanigans … read the fine print …

Don’t have Charter here so I don’t know what their plans and terms look like, but beware of the potential for extra “fees” and “taxes” that may get added in addition to the subscription rate. Also beware of contract terms - how long do you have to keep the package without incurring cancellation fees and does the price stay constant for that entire term (many cable companies give you a good rate for the 1st year but require a 2-year contract and the price goes way up for that second year). I am very skeptical of good deals from cable companies as they usually turn out to be good deals FOR the cable companies - although deals can be had sometimes by negotiating with customer service reps.

Since ditching DirecTV over a year ago, I’ve gotten numerous offers to sign up again, one as low as $14.99/month, but most coming in at $19.99/month plus a free gift card. Now that would only include one receiver, and no DVR, and it’s an introductory rate.

This is one of the things I like about OTA TV… other than the initial cost of the equipment, I have no recurring fees. Even with most of the OTA services to which I subscribe, with the exception of Sling TV (which is in the process of changing) I can get multiple streams to multiple devices without paying additional fees.

One of the problems with Cable/Satellite is that they fee you to death for extra receivers, DVR, HDTV, regional sports fee, etc… actually, new subscribers generally get HDTV for “free”, while DirecTV wanted to charge me, a 19 year subscriber, an extra $10/month. In fact, that extra HDTV fee, along with their annual increases, was the final straw that broke the camel’s back.

Yes that extra HD charge was the last straw for me! Imagine charging an “additional” fee for what had become the national plus industry (actually international!) standard. That was such a scam. Here let me deliver water to you and for an extra fee we’ll make it clean water as well…

Exactly! It’s a hell of a way to treat your longtime customers, charging them for something you give to new subscribers for free… lifetime HD. When I first subscribed to satellite, the quality seemed pretty impressive at the time, but over the past few years, with the transition to digital TV, flat panel televisions, etc, I was able to compare what I got over the air with an antenna to my satellite video, and was totally impressed with the quality of modern video technology. DirecTV was willing to upgrade my receivers to HDTV for free, but the extra $10/month was like a kick in the teeth.

The first time I saw HD OTA (cable and satellite were not yet broadcasting HD) it blew me away! To this day I will not watch a live sports event unless it is OTA. I feel cheated seeing sports through cable or satellite at friends’ places.

For me, it was the charge for each box. One free, but $6 a month each for the 7 other TVs. NO WAY. My post above was just thinking through a short-term no contract teaser rate with one free box, just so I could get more football. I would do this for just a few months, but decided that $52 a month was not worth it.

Although I did enjoy Sling for a few months and might do it again next college basketball season or try the YouTube and Hulu stuff that the OP posted.

While I prefer OTA, a large majority of sporting events are on cable channels. As a sports fan of a multitude of sports, I will deal with streamed sports via WatchESPN and Sling. It’s not as nice as OTA or even regular cable, but it isn’t that bad.

I am like most others in that I do not schedule my time around the tv schedule but rather prefer the tv be on demand so that I can watch it when I get ready to. Including my sports events. That is why I got the Tablo to start with. And I hate commercials. I rub the paint off the FFwd button skipping by the commercials. And yes I pay for commercial free HULU. I would be a customer for on demand sports on HULU but not for live streaming. If I cant watch it when I want to I am not interested.


Speaking of sports and cable boxes, our Canadian friends with cable boxes apparently missed the ending to the very exciting Nashville Predators vs. Sharks game in 3OT. Their boxes reboot at 2 AM every morning, which was right before the Preds scored the game winning goal. :relaxed:

Those darn cable boxes…

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Day after programming for tv shows is great. I wish HULU would spend more time and money getting more of the cable networks signed up. Like Bravo and Discovery channel.