Your assistance please - Austin, TX

@Tablotv and I have been trying to get the CORRECT schedule for 19.5. The guide. I believe the problem is the guide provider. If you get 19.5 please compare guide to what is actually on. On my Tablo, if it says starts at 9:00 am, it really starts at 12 noon.

Unfortunately it looks like Tablo is unable or unwilling to change guide providers to i wish @tabloceo would change his mind.

Thank you.

Another reason I wish they would change is I found a new station, TUFFTV 20.2 but the guide is wrong. I simply added it to my TitanTv and I have the orrect schedule.

That Titantv is rubbish, mate. It doesn’t have any of my channels on it. And did you check the terms and conditions? It says non-commercial use only, for consumers only.

It is possible for you to create stations and is what I did for TUFFTV and LIGHT TV. They have other channels using the same schedule as I did, so I simply copied the other station.

They might have a commercial side too that Tablo could subscribe to. Wht is the provider having so much problems getting the correct schedule when I tell them what to copy. This problem is on multiple Tablos.

@TabloTV guide provider has forgotten something. The cystomer IS ALWAYS RIGHT. If they don’t believe the schedule is STILL WRONG AFTER TWO MONTHS they are welcome to come to Austin, TX and see for themselves.

When I get home, I’m sending a new set of pictures showing the guide on TitanTV, the guide on Tablo, and a picture of what is actually on. Io make it easy for them to identify, i am taking a picture of The New Adventures of Flipper. Another source for the schedule is

Notice that what it says is on November 25 matches the TitanTV schedule and what is really on and NOT THE INCORRECT SCHEDULE. 2:00 PM is The New Adventures of Flipper and NOT the movie they say (will be on at 5;00 PM)

@TabloSupport you or anyone else is welcome to come to Austin, TX for a week of summer instead of Canadian winter.

Now EVERYONE can see what I am complaining about and the guide provider being wrong:

Notice all of them EXCEPT THE TABLO agree with each other. Channel 19.5 is what this is about.

My TitanTV share token 7xUyRTG86Mn0iVHKXjcyTKbJoBwTorAC-cvATWZXFBViwzo9PPkMIQ

If there is ANYONE in the Austin, TX area, please check your guide for 19.5 and report if it is wrong (as I think it will be)

Hi beastman, I live in Austin TX and use Tablo. I just did a rescan and I don’t get channel 19.5 in my area. I must be too far away from the broadcast source. Sorry

Might be the antenna location. If i move it a feaction of an inch I lose ir.

If youre interested in the programming, they stream it from