Year old 4 Tuner Tablo for sale

$250 CAN (OBO), will ship to the US if anyone is interested.

Let me know

WAF was low but I loved it

Had to think about what WAF meant.
Wife Approval Factor :slight_smile:

I got my brand new 4 Tuner off Amazon for $253. $3 more for brand new? yes please.

why not just keep it on the DL, you can always move your recordings to Plex…
(I don’t know how that show got in our library, really I don’t…)

Like that phrase, the WAF…

In my case, the WAF of the Tablo far exceeded the WAF of the satellite PVR. The final straw was when we realized we only got SD versions of the local broadcasts on the satellite.

thats why it says OBO

SOLD enjoy JM

Its ALWAYS decisive.