Xbox One App pauses and won't keep playing

The stream will pause as if it is buffering and then not restart unless I quit back to the guide and start the channel again.

First of all, it shouldn’t be buffering, since both the Tablo and Xbox are hardwired on a 1000 megabit switch. I have a Roku that is on wireless that buffers rarely, but it always catches up and keeps going automatically. The Xbox app seems to lose it’s mind and just not know how to recover.

We’ll take a look at this. Does this happen on both live TV and recordings? Does it seem to be isolated to a particular channel?

I am having a similar problem. It both stops and stops buffering during live and recorded episodes.

It just seems to happen on live TV and just on Xbox, not my Rokus or Firesticks. Any channel, from the 1080i to the 480 ones.