Xbox ie?


Read the requests for an XBOX app.  Having just gotten a tablo and having multiple XBOX’s, I was hoping to be able to view shows on them.

So I tried the IE app and tried to navigate to the page hoping to use the generic app button there for computer interface.

On a 360, the page refused to load at all.

On the XBOX One the page loaded, I selected the computer app.   I got the screen to interface with the Tablo.  All good.

Next screen said syncing.  It never stopped syncing.  But it did cycle through schedule items for the local television stations.  Presumably that means it interfaced with the tablo enough to get the program schedule, but for some reason couldn’t complete.  Maybe there’s a needed plugin that isn’t supported on xbox.  But maybe that method could be resolved faster than HW-specific app development?

the “sync” process can be agonizingly slow … I suggest leaving it to run over night … 

@commander_vimes We optimize for Chrome on - the portal isn’t where we’d like it to be on IE right now, and we haven’t done any work on compatibility with the Xbox. 

We’re not ruling out any platforms; we’re just trying to prioritize the ones we aim for first. A new Roku UI and the Fire TV app has been at the top of the priority list for a while, and we’re excited to get that out and move forward.