WTH? Reinstalled Tablo Engine on Shield and now black screen?

As the subject suggests, I reinstalled Tablo Engine on my Nvidia Shield (2015) today… to upgrade the external drive.

It worked fine this afternoon, but all I get now is a black screen when turning on the Shield! :frowning_face:

When rebooting, it shows the Nvidia logo and then nothing, as opposed to the 4 spinning circles that turn into the Android logo before the home screen appears.

Booting into safe mode works… sometimes… but then there’s no audio through HDMI. And rebooting from safe mode just gets me the Nivdia logo and a black screen again.

I’ve updated the Shield software to the latest version.

So… what the hell do I do now?

Essentially my Shield is now an expensive paper weight until this is miraculously resolved… even more expensive now that I’ve added the tuner and a bigger drive.

Needless to say, I’m pissed! :confounded:

Hey there, have you been in touch with our support team? We should be able to check on this from our end to see what’s going on.

Yes, thanks!

It’s at the initial stage. I’ve been told they’ve not seen this behaviour in-house and I’ve been asked to upload a log from Engine to assist in debugging. Hopefully it’s been received and the dev team have a look at it… soon… :slight_smile:

I take it no other Engine users here have experienced this unpleasant stuff before? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Sorry to hear that it bricked on you. I haven’t had a lick of trouble with my Shield since I’ve had it for a few years. I’ve been running the Engine for around a year as well with no issues. The latest update to Oreo also went smooth for me as well.

Well… the good news is that the apparent bricking is temporary and intermittent.

The bad news is that it happens at all… and is unpredictable!

After futzing with it on Tuesday and still having the black screen after several reboots, I set it aside (in standby) and watched satellite TV for a couple of hours. When I checked the Shield again, I was getting video, with Android asking me to authorize Engine’s access to the tuner hardware for the umpteenth time.

So… sometimes it happens on a power cycle/full reboot, and sometimes not. :neutral_face:

It’s just sad that when I turn the Shield on, it’s a crapshoot as to whether it’ll be working or not…

Hopefully the devs will track it down. :sunglasses: