Wrong channel recording


I am an otherwise happy Tablo user - but, recently, my recordings are messing up. I hav edit set to record the news and ‘Meet the Press’, both on channel 11, but, instead, it records channel 5! Correct time, but wrong channel.

I’ve tried deleting the auto-record, and reinstating it, but same result.

Can you help?

I can think of two possible issues that could be causing your problem. You may need to address both but certainly try (1) below first.

  1. Rescan your channels, select the one you want, and click “Add to Guide”. This would help if there was a repack or other local channel changes in your area.
  2. The programming guide (from Gracenote) may not reflect the programming being transmitted. If this is the case then submit a ticket to Tablo (http://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) with as much relevant information as possible and they will contact Gracenote to update the guide.

Have you rescanned channels recently? There is a REAL and a VIRTUAL channel. The broadcast channel (REAL) could have changed. The channel you select to record (VIRTUAL) would remain the same.