Wrong channel number in recordings

I had a manual recording of F Troop scheduled for 6 AM this morning. It recorded, and when I look in recordings it says it was on 14-1 though it was really recorded on 7-4. I scheduled it as an hour long instead of two 30 minute shows I hate manual recording and hope it doesn’t take 18 days to get the schedule for METV. I have latest Android beta and latest Tablo beta so I don’t know if the problem is limited to beta. My Tablo is in remote access mode for another ticket.

Has anyone else noticed this? I normally don’t do manual recordings, but with a new station, no choice.

Same thing happened to all recordings for 7-4…they all say 14-1 in the recordings screen.

I tried reentering my zip code this morning to make the database rebuild. I’ll see what channel it says for Diagnosis Murder today.

Rebuilding station database did not fix it. I called and talked to David half way through the recording of Emergency. It is recording 7.4 but in the recordings screen it says 14.1. I left the Tablo in remote access so it could be checked out.

I don’t do many manual recordings since I have the EPG. I think it is the same for most of us, so the manual recording gets checked whole waiting for EPG to arrive after new station starts broadcasting.

I’ll check Roku and see what it says. Might be just a Android problem.

Roku also shows recording on 14.1.

@TabloTV Any update on this issue? David said you have the files from my Tablo. Guide should be showing up this weekend (or maybe tomorrow)

This is fixed but two new issues:

  1. Guide is Eastern time and I am Central
  2. Flashing green when watching live or recordings