Would like a "view all" recordings option for Roku, like the web app

I don’t want to view my recordings by category, time, alphabet, etc.  I guess some might, but why not have an option to simply view all, like the web app?  The graphics for each recording are so big that all the sorting options make for a cumbersome user experience.

@allthatssolid - We’ve just hired a developer to focus specifically on our Roku interface. The plan is to have him spearhead a major revamp of the Roku UI to include suggestions like this. Stay tuned!

WHA-HOOOOOO I am ecstatic to see this.  I have  been patiently hoping to see notice of your finding a developer.  :wink:

This is great news!!

The TABLO channel on the Roku could use some work. Something more like the Plex channel would be great.