Would antenna rescan help signal strength?

Last night when I turned on the Bills game my signal was terrible, it was pretty much completely pixelated and unwatchable. I have an antenna in my garage’s rafters that is generally ok (I need to get a better one.)

I started watching online instead on my computer, then during a break installed a pending Tablo software update and decided to do a channel scan as I hadn’t done that in a while.

After the channel scan was complete, my signal was pretty much perfect for the game.

Would a scan & tablo reboot impact the signal strength?

  • I doubt that running the Tablo software update followed by a reboot would impact what the Tablo tuner does
  • Doing periodic channel scans is a good idea, but would that impact a channel I already had? If they changed the frequency of the broadcast, I would have expected to get no signal at all before, but I was getting a poor unwatchable signal.