Working, reliable install of Tablo Ripper/MCEBuddy/Comskip/Plex?


I just got done ripping about 1 TB worth of shows. I would just go down the list of shows and then check the folder to see what it ripped on its own, then I highlighted the ones that needed done and did those in the foreground. Now I also had to check the videos to make sure the time was the same as it showed in the tablo. I had a handful that the file was corrupt and would not rip correctly, and when I played it on the tablo it was not a good file, the screen/antenna froze while recording.

It also rips shows in order of recording. So when you record new shows as its ripping, it will go back and rip those first. So it does jump around from show to show.


Now I’m having a problem with it not ripping ANYTHING. It goes through the process (I can see the background_rip.mp4 file growing and the logs show things working) but after it finishes each one (Complete - 00:13:22), it fails with this error:

Exception: Unable to find the specified file.

This started after the latest TabloRipper update.


We took the conversation offline and hopefully demystified the situation. If FFMPEG fails (usually due to corrupted recordings), you won’t get an output file.

Let me know if you see anything else :sunglasses:


Has anyone had issues with audio sync? It happens with some recordings and not others but I’d say about 70%. The video is not being transcoded as I’m using MP4 unprocessed if that matters. Any tips, tricks, or settings to help? Thanks!


If you are doing any editing (like removing extraneous video from start/end of the recording or removing commercials) you may be using a playback device that doesn’t support MP4 audio offset information (like the Roku). .MP4 uses key-frames to keep the audio and video in sync. If you cut anywhere other than a key-frame, the offset is used to tell the player how to adjust the audio to re-sync. If the player doesn’t support that offset, you get audio out-of-sync (key frames occur every few seconds, usually).


Interesting and thanks for the quick reply. We are seeing it on Roku and Fire TV boxes. But like I said, it’s about 70% of shows so not all are affected yet all are being stripped of commercials. Nothing else is being removed. I would think it would affect all of them. Thoughts?Also, how does my Roku/Fire TV’s work perfectly for all the shows I download outside of Tablo that have the commercials stripped out? I just hadn’t seen anyone mention this yet that’s the point of this thread. Seems like no one would want the TR/MCEBuddy/Comskip setup if we always faced audio sync issues.


Can’t speak for the setup exactly, but I do know that when I put commercial zapping into SurLaTablo, you can’t just dice up the mpeg4-ts and glue it together and remux… I had to force a full transcode. Slower, but it gets rid of the audio sync issues. Again, I don’t use the setup described here…


You know come to think of it, when I originally set this up I was transcoding it and don’t recall any shows having the issue. But then I thought I’d speed things up when I realized there was no need to transcode a MP4 when that’s what I needed. It’s worth a shot going back to that slower process just to see. That still doesn’t explain why about 30% of my shows didn’t have the sync issues but if it corrects the error I don’t care :slight_smile: I’ll try it and report back in a few days. Thanks!