Working flawlessly

Just wanted to post that since the update with the fast startup checkbox and putting my Tablo on a USB powered fan, it has been working flawlessly and we love the Thumbnails. FireTV app will make it perfect.

That Fast Live TV Start-up was introduced a while ago, at least 2-3 firmware updates ago.

The thumbnails are new to .24 though.

But glad to hear it, I need the Fire TV app too.

@Roraniel - Did you just add the USB fan to keep the unit cooler to the touch or what was the reasoning for the fan? 

@crm1975 I was having an issue with the Tablo locking up for no particular reason and Tablo could not tell anything from my logs. I installed the fan after some discussion about quad units running hot and it has been flawless since.

About the same time Tablo introduced the update that added the check box for fast start-up allowing me to turn off fast start-up. I was one of the users that fast start-up caused frequesnt buffering issues with.


What is your front end? I have the Fast Live TV Startup enabled and I am using a Roku 3 and there are no issues. The Tablo and Roku 3 are both hard wired.

Everything is wired connection to a Nighthawk X6 router. FireTV. Several users were affected by buffering when fast start-up came out. That us why they included the ability to turn it off.

Glad to hear things are good for you @roraniel