Wont tune Live TV and Manual Recordings start at incorrect time on FireTV

Everything I click on just brings up the Record menu… There is no way to tune the channel??

When in the live TV grid, hit the play button to tune directly to the channel.

If you hit the OK button, it should provide a “Watch now” icon to click and that will also tune the channel.

Thanks, the play button works. The watch now is not there. I canceled my subscription and am trying to do some testing… It looks like the manual records do not work without a subscription now either.

Strange. The whole point of manual recording is to use the Tablo without a subscription. If it isn’t working for you, please submit a trouble ticket, and the Tablo folks will get you working tomorrow.

Selecting a show playing in the live TV grid without a subscription will not let you record. That is not manual recording.

Manual recordings are recordings you set up under the scheduled tab. You set the exact minute to start and stop.

Yes i know. When I setup a recording from the “scheduled” menu it does not start. Sometimes it will record the channel 2 hours later from the time I set but not always.