Won't play recordings

Hello, End of July we had a storm and lightening took out our TV and our tablo. We replaced both. My problem is everything in my hard drive storage won’t play. Anything recorded after that won’t play either…please help!!

Does Tablo live tv work? If not, will it work when the hard drive is disconnected? Could point to a hard drive problem. If USB try a different USB cable.

When I plugged back in the Tablo I forgot to plug hard drive into it, it told me no storage detected. I plugged hard drive in and it was fine…green light. 2 days ago I could watch a sitcom that had been recorded in the last few days…today can’t watch any!!

Sorry …I just checked live tv…nope it does not work…oh no what is going on?

Was the hard drive disconnected? Tablo live tv will work with no hd attached.

If the Tablo can’t play live tv with no hd attached then you may want to open a ticket with Tablo Support.

Ok, I unhooked the hard drive, live TV is playing. I plugged the hard drive back in and changed channel…live TV is working fine now. It’s recording…but I just noticed they are not in the recorded area…what a mess!!

FYI, Live TV will not show in the Recordings area. Only when you schedule a Show, Movie, etc. Or you click on the show title (in the live tv screen) and click the record button.

If still having problems you can temporarily try a different hard drive, and see if a short test recording works. Make sure to power off the Tablo before switching the drive.

After the test (when you switch back to your regular hard drive) you should still see the test recording, but of course you won’t be able to play it (it’s on the test hard drive). Just delete that entry.

Hi @Stephz - Sorry you’re having a rough time.

Did you follow the procedure to move your old recordings to your new Tablo?

If not, this is likely why you’re no longer able to access them.

Simply swapping the drive to the new Tablo without following that procedure and setting new recordings on top of it can cause your database to go a bit sideways.

The best option at this point may be to factory reset your Tablo and start fresh.