Won't play recording - just constant spinning circle

everything was working fine until I tried to play a recording on a different PC on my network. It seemed to corrupt all of the recordings and now they won’t play on either PC. I just get the spinning circle and no playback. I was going to try to reformat the HD but it is not giving me th option to reformat when I go into settings. I powered down the Tablo and also disconnected the HD and reconnected it. That made no difference. I am considering connecting the hard drive back to my laptop and deleting the volume and start over with a fresh format but thought I would ask first.

Have you tried rebooting your router?

No I did not reboot my router, but I believe I have it resolved. I had to delete all the recordings I had first. Then I scheduled another recording. and it is working now where it would not process a new recording before I deleted the old recordings. Now I just have to wait to see if the recordings I scheduled prior to the issue will work and they won’t come around for a couple days. But deleting all the recordings from the drive seemed to resolve it so far. thanks