Won't add additionally checked channels

I had this same problem several months ago but it basically cleared itsel up after about 3 weeks… I left the unit in heartbeat mode for service to access it but that basically just went back and forth for 2 weeks without anything more than frustration from it taking so long for a reply. Anyway, today I did a new scan to see if I could pick up more than the current 9 channels that I had. After the scan, it showed 12 channels but only 4 had checkmarks next to them. I checked the others so that all channels were selected and hit the add channels button on the bottom of the page. It downloaded the guide but it would only display the original 4 channels that were checked. I have repeated this process about 8 times already in hopes it was just stuck or something but each time gave me the exact same result of only the original 4 checked channels after each scan. 9 channels were all green dots and the remaining 3 channels had 3 Orange dots so at a minimum I would expect it to save the 9 green ones… I thought the whole point of the checkbox next to the channel was so that we could add the channel even if it might not show up when we time to it later… if anyone can help me out I would GREATLY appreciate it.

Hey there - we can take a look pretty quickly if you can send us a note. Or, we can set something up even faster if you give us a ring at 1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688).