WLYN 55 - 10 in Long Island has a new broadcast signaltried rescan again today

WLYN was recently broadcasting on signal 47 but is now broadcasting on 27.1. (Next summer it will change again to signal 29)

I can confirm it on my manual TV tuner but TABLO still scans pass it

Rescan today 7/21/18 and it syncs correctly

Tablo has an internal 4 way splitter, so if it is a low power station, it might not make it to the Tablo tuner.

Thanks for the input but this is not the case here. The channel is broadcasting on a new frequency which tablo picked up yesterday on a rescan. I had confirmed it with my manual tuner several days earlier. Research show it will change frequency agsin next summer.

Can I ask where on LI you are Datasurgeon? I’m in Massapequa and my Tablo doesn’t pick it up, but to be fair my antenna faces NYC and WLNY broadcasts from the opposite direction.

I am in Patchogue. It should WLYN should be in Riverhead. I do receive all major channels. The only one I miss is metv but they broadcast on the same channel as a CBS booster channel 8 miles from my home. The actual frequency is 33.1

Can I ask what your set up is? I have a clearstream 2 antenna and the coax run is about 50 feet. Tried a bunch of amps with no benefit. Tablo 2 tuner. Thanks!

What make and model coaxial cable are you using?
You may be losing 50% signal strength (every few feet) depending on the cable.
The thinner, and less shielded the cable, the more signal loss per foot.

3dB increase = 2 times signal strength
3dB decrease = 1/2 times signal strength

Scroll down the following web page to…
3. Signal Loss Per 10 Feet:

I am about 55 miles from nyc transmitters. neither clearstream 2 nor clearstream 4 could get the nyc channels reliably for me but i do have them as backups for my other tvs.
I use a televes 790 (not sure of the number) with it own pre amp. It also has an internal splitter so i have one to my 4 tuner tablo and the other to my manual tuner.
I have roku on all 4 tvs so we have tablo everywhere

ok thanks!

Thanks. RG-6. It’s actually mounted to an old Dish installation.

So, assuming it’s shielded, and same quality as the one in the link I provided, we can estimate a 0.83dB signal decrease for every 10 feet.
0.83dB x 5 (10 foot lengths) = 4.15dB signal loss
That’s a little over 50% signal loss.
Not bad for that length.

Shortening the cable would require me to move the antenna to a poor (obstructed location) or relocating my router. If you think that the benefit would be signficant I would consider moving the router. Thanks for your help!

I wouldn’t do that.
You mentioned you tried amps already, and they didn’t help.

What direction in degrees is your antenna aimed?
Did you use something like www.tvfool.com to see where the TV broadcast antennas are located?
Maybe you just need to turn the antenna a little left or right.

Thanks. I’ve used a compass to confirm correct direction.