Wiring for a new setup suggestions

My current large TV has a great picture but horrible sound so I am using a Sony AV receiver connected with HDMI. I also have a PS, Blueray player and Directv going through it. In order for the receiver to work properly, I have to disable the audio in settings on the TV. I was planning on using a fire stick or roku on one of the free hdmi ports on the TV, but would have no audio this way(Even running RCA cables to my receiver with OTA will not generate audio)

Whenever I yank the cord on directv I will have an available HDMI port on the back of the receiver so is it as simple as plugging the stick into the receiver to get audio from tablo and any other apps? Or are there any other suggestions

Get an HDMI switch, they are cheap and great if your AVR has only 3 HDMI inputs.

And do not get a Roku Stick (3400 or 3500), they are old and have poor hardware. Roku 2 (4210) and Roku 3 (4200 and 4230) is where it’s at.

I’m using 4 Roku sticks on each of my 4 TVs, and all are performing flawlessly with Tablo, as well as other services I subscribe to. Granted, it doesn’t have the same higher end processor as the Roku 2 or 3, but believe me, the stick is more than adequate. I bought the stick because I needed 4 streaming devices, and didn’t want to break the bank. After trying one, and seeing how well it worked, I bought 3 more.