Wired and Wireless - Roku


I have my Tablo set up on my wireless network. However, I have a Roku device on a wired connection (the same wired connection that the wireless box is plugged in to).

The two Rokus that I have wireless pick up my Tablo just fine. The wired Roku can not find the Tablo. Is there a setting of some sort that would allow the wired Roku to pick up the Tablo without having to unplug from the network and connect wirelessly?

Make sure the wired and wireless are the same network.  Apart from that maybe a firewall block (or something like that) is in place on the wireless gateway (?).

Make sure you don’t have AP isolation enabled on your router. This isolates the wireless network from the wired network.

How is your wired connection connected to your router? Is it Roku wired to a device which wirelessly connects to your router?

@seansigep Just chiming in - I’m agreeable with the two posts above. Take a close look at the network, is there anything that could be getting in the way?

Thanks for the follow up!

I think I figured out why it’s not working, and I may not be able to do anything about it.

I have an Asus N66U wireless router. I have it hooked up to the main modem through an over-the-powerline set up directly to the box. Internet works like a charm.

The Tablo is currently not wired into the wireless router, so it is broadcasting wirelessly on the 5g network. My 2 wireless Rokus are also on the 5g network. I have a laptop that is on the 2.4g network that can log in to the Tablo and manage the settings.

I also have a Roku that is also hardwired into the modem. 

So the Tablo is currently set up on the Asus N66U, which is on the wider network of the hardwired modem. I’m thinking that the Tablo is only interested in the Asus network, and not in the wider network.

Any thoughts? I’ve tried hardwiring the Tablo to the modem, but then the wireless network Rokus don’t work.

Everything must be on the same network. Which means they all must be connected to the same device, either wired or wireless.

You cannot connect the Tablo to your modem and then expect wireless clients connected to the ASUS router to connect to the Tablo.

Your modem likely has a router function built into it. Hence why they Tablo and Rokus would be on different networks.

I don’t think the powerline adapter is the problem. Hooking the asus behind the main modem should work IF the asus can be configured as a router behind a router. I have a netgear behind a uverse modem. If all DNS comes from the ISP modem or beyond then everyone ends up on the same net regardless of which router you are plugged into. Most newer routers can be configured this way. Some even detect it and auto-configure this mode.  In this mode the asus would be just a switch. Of course I turned all the wifi off on the uverse router since they were sitting side by side.