Windows 7 Pro and Tablo

Hi all,

I still use Windows 7 because my business software will not function beyond that. I always like putting up the weather channel on a monitor in the drivers area. I remember reading that Tablo is no longer supported on Win7, but wondered if anyone has figured out a work around or something that works?? I miss watching things and the weather in the office. TIA


I kind dont think there is any official support for running software on an an OS the vendor has Sunset to the point of no security updates.

Maybe you can run some virtual machine.

Thanks for the reply… I may just have to run a cheap windows 10 machine for this purpose if there is no work around. I appreciate it.


Taking that route, you can fine very inexpensive Chromebooks. They do a good just with out all the lag of a Windows system… one a budget like system.

I use Tablo ( on my Win7 (not Pro) computer all the time. Works fine. With Firefox version 103.0.1.

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I"ll give that a try, thank you @SophieCat